Tips on Avoiding Scam Job

1.You’re asked for personal financial information—such as your social security number, your bank account, your home address and phone number, your date of birth, etc.—early on in the job interview process.
2.The job pays a lot of money for little work. After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.
3.The company boasts several rags-to-riches stories that showcase high-flying lifestyles.
4.The job posting mentions quick money, drastic income changes overnight, etc.
5.The job posting has glaring grammatical or spelling errors.
6.The product is supposedly endorsed by countless celebrities or public figures.
7.The contact email address is personal (e.g., or one that mimics a real company’s email address (e.g.,
8.The job requires several up-front expenses from candidates.
9.Compensation is based on how many people you recruit.
10.A recruiter offers you the job immediately without verifying your work experience or doesn’t ask for references.

Attention - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see something suspicious please contact us: